Anti-Sleep Pilot Monitors Your Fatigue While Driving

Studies have shown that driving tired is even worse than driving while intoxicated.  Doing it while on your own -even worse.  With the Anti-Sleep Pilot, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Designed to sit on your vehicle’s dashboard (it has a magnetic base), you can think of the device as an electronic co-pilot.  While it won’t take over the wheel when you need a respite, it will periodically pester you to keep you on your toes, as well as detect when you’re driving in an uncharacteristic manner and alert you to it.

The Anti-Sleep Pilot uses onboard accelerometers to monitor your driving non-stop, watching for variances that could indicate you’re falling prey to fatigue.   A lighted display on the body shows your detected fatigue level based on how you’re driving — when it turns red, it means you’re beginning to go way off on your typical road habits.  It may be good time to pull over and take a short break.

When first used, the safety equipment will ask you a variety of questions, your answers to which will be stored as your personal risk profile (you answer by turning a knob on the underside).  It will regularly conduct tests while you’re driving, too, asking questions you can respond to by giving it a tap (it has onboard touch sensors).  It includes a light sensor to adapt the backlight display to suit the lighting levels in your cabin, as well as a sound sensor for auto-adjusting the volume to compensate for noise.

Currently, the Anti-Sleep Pilot is only available in Denmark (where it is made), priced at approximately $270.  It’s supposed to debut in the US soon.

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