Apple AirPods: These Goofy-Looking Earpieces May Be The Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Right Now


While the number of truly wireless earbuds grow, something has become apparent: most of them can’t sustain a proper connection. Yes, the category as a whole, pretty much, sucks. Can Apple save the day? That’s what the outfit seems bent on doing with the Apple AirPods.

Like other true wireless earbuds, it consists of two separate, untethered earpieces that pair with yaour iPhone. And, no, Apple didn’t bother getting creative with the design here, as it’s literally a copycat of their white EarPods, albeit with the wires completely chopped off. It’s an odd design, but for this product at least, it seems the tech will save the day.


While the Apple AirPods foster a connection over Bluetooth like other wireless earbuds, the company claims it will be able to maintain a steadier connection. Software built specifically for the Bluetooth pairing supposedly enables the devices to stay connected in a more stable manner than the current crop of releases in the category, while a special W1 wireless chip embedded inside helps it stay connected while minimizing power use. Using it is also a breeze, with the device automatically pairing to the phone (or whatever Apple device is nearest) as soon as you open the storage case – all you have to do is approve the prompt that appears on the phone screen.


Once popped in your ear, music automatically starts playing, with playback automatically paused as soon as it detects the earpieces have been removed, which should help save battery. It comes with five hours of playback, by the way, with the case (which doubles as a charging dock) holding another 24 hours. And, yes, there are microphones on board (at the bottom tip), so you can use it for hands-free calls and voice commands.

Available now, the Apple AirPods are priced at $159.

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