Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium: Put Your Feet Up On The Fish Tank

A labyrinth aquarium sitting on a table pushed up to the wall is nice.   You don’t look at it all that much, though, since you’re not too fond of looking away from the TV while you’re lazing it up on the couch.  You won’t have that problem with the Midwest Tropical 675 Aqua Coffee Table.

Instead of having your fish tank pushed off to one end of the room, this dual-purpose coffee table and aquarium puts it right in front of your couch.  That way, you won’t need to peel your eyes off the TV for extended periods to check on your pets — a quick downward glance is all the movement you require.

The  Midwest Tropical 675 Aqua Coffee Table measures 24 x 24 x 15.5 inches, making for one large piece of decorative furniture that can act as a real centerpiece in the living room.  Table top measures 36-inches diagonally, with a 3/8-inch tempered glass construction to ensure lasting use.   According to the product page, the table has been shaped to fit any interior placement, including octagon, stretched octagon, square and end table sizes.

A black acrylic base elevates the box-shaped acrylic glass fish tank off the ground, offering interior space for up to 25 gallons.  Aquarium features a two-stage submersible filter pump, a bed of blue glass gravel, integrated lighting from the bottom and decorative plants.

While the Midwest Tropical 675 Aqua Coffee Table isn’t cheap at $660, it’s quite the unique and striking piece of furniture.  Plus, you can look after your fish while watching TV the entire time.  Totally worth the price.

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