Aquabot Turns Regular Water Bottles Into Super Soaker Guns

The Aquabot is a replacement cap for wide-mouth 63mm water bottles that immediately turn them into high-powered water blasters.  That’s right.  No need to buy a Nerf Super Soaker to stage water battles – just put one of these on your Camelbak bottle and spray everyone in sight with a powerful blast of liquid.

Made by California-based Lunatec, the accessory, which can shoot a water jet up to 25 feet away, makes an erstwhile standard water bottle even more useful and fun.  Whether you want to hold an impromptu soaker battle at the family picnic, need a strong gust of water to clean mud off the Juggernaut Fat Trike, or water the plants 15 feet away from your recliner in the backyard, this thing can do the deed.

Even better, Aquabot doesn’t stop at the 25-foot super soaking capability.  Instead, you can turn the nozzle to adjust the spray pattern.  At the loosest, it works as a super soaker; at the tightest, it becomes a mister; anywhere in between and it delivers a water spray of varying intensities.  That means, you can use this to cool the air a bit when the humidity in the room gets a little too bad for comfort, take makeshift showers at camp, and even gently spray grape juice on your face for whatever purpose that might serve you.

The device consists of a screw-on cap with a nozzle on the side and a trigger button at the top, along with a center tube that draws the water from the bottle.  How hard you press on the trigger will determine how much water comes out, allowing you to be conservative with the liquid ammo when supply is low and go all-out when zooming in for the kill.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Aquabot.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $18.

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