AquaNotes Let You Jot Down Ideas In The Shower, In The Bathtub, Even Under The Ocean


Do you get your best ideas while lathering up in the bathroom?  Never lose a creative spark of genius again with the AquaNotes, a waterproof notepad that you can use while you let loose in the shower.

You never know when your most brilliant idea will strike – while you’re brushing your teeth, scrubbing your armpits or unloading last night’s dinner buffet.  That’s why it pays to be ready.  After all, that song you were humming while reaching for the toilet paper could be destined as the number one iTunes download of all time.  Too bad you didn’t put it down. Well, lets fix that now.

There’s nothing complicated about the AquaNotes.  Each 3 x 5 inch booklet comes with 40 sheets of paper where you can put down your most unusually poignant ideas.  Unlike other notebooks, however, it completely repels water – moisture simply beads and rolls off its surface.  According to the manufacturer, you can even write while submerged in the bathtub, provided you can see through all those suds.

It comes with two suction caps at the rear, so you can stick it on any tile and have it easily within reach.  Since waterproof paper is useless without a similarly-capable pen, it comes bundled with a water-resistant natural cedar pencil too.  The paper is perforated, by the way, so you can easily tear it off when you want to show off your solution to an obscure, unsolved math problem to your roommates, you genius you.

All that for only $9.48 a set (40-sheet AquaNotes pad and one pencil).  Oh yeah, you might even be able to get away with using it to wipe your butt too, in case you run out of toilet paper again.  Pure genius.

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