Aquaponics Fish Garden Combines Self-Cleaning Aquarium And Herb Garden In One

You want to keep an Umbra FishHotel in your work desk, but hate the idea of having to clean it regularly.  And you like the idea of plants, too, but who’s got time to do all that watering while at work?  Not a problem with the Aquaponics Fish Garden, a combo aquaponic garden and self-cleaning aquarium.

Combining a small fish tank and a mini-indoor garden, this offers one of the most efficient ways to bring a little life and color into an otherwise boring office cubicle.  Even better, it requires minimal maintenance, so you can continue to spend down time at work playing games on your phone and flirting with girls in the building on Skout like you always do.

The Aquaponics Fish Garden uses a clever design that puts a small herb/plant garden on top of a 3-gallon acrylic fish tank.  It comes with a built-in aquaponics system (a cross between aquaculture and hydroponics) that harvests fish waste (poo, pee and waste water which, usually, end up making aquariums very gross) and breaks it down into usable plant nutrients.  Once that’s done, the processed waste is then fed as a form of organic fertilizer to the plants sitting on top.  Basically, you get all the wonderful benefits of a mini-garden and an aquarium without a whole lot of maintenance required (you just need to add more water when levels get too low).

The lid features five recessed planter pots, along with a sixth slot where you can pour in more water or drop the fish food into.  Granted, you can’t grow large plants on this, but it should be perfect for smaller plants like basil, thyme, baby greens and wheat grass.

Thinkgeek has the Aquaponics Fish Garden available now, priced at $59.99.

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