AquaPulse Monitors Your Heart Rate Underwater, Whispers It Into Your Ear

Swim watches can help you keep track of your heart rate underwater.  Having to check your wrist every time sure detracts from the swim, though.  With the AquaPulse, you don’t have to keep pausing to look.

Instead of displaying the heart rate, the gadget simply dictates it to your ear at regular intervals.  That way, you can focus on your training, instead of finding creative ways to minimize breaking your flow.

Made by Finis, the AquaPulse is a three-inch dongle that you wear on the inner side of your goggle strap, with an accompanying clip that attaches to your earlobe.   Heart rate measurements are done using an infrared sensor, which detects subtle changes in your skin color to account for capillary blood flow.   The numbers are then dictated to your ear via the cheekbone using bone conduction technology.

Heart rate is automatically announced depending on the intervals you set, which can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.  There’s also a button for instant heart rate announcements that will repeat the last recorded reading.  Onboard battery can be recharged via USB, with a full charge affording you eight hours of use.

Granted, that sounds like more tech than you need.  If you want the least-cumbersome way to monitor your heart rate during a swim, though, we doubt any watch, chest strap or in-ear unit beats the Finis Aquapulse.  It’s available now, priced at $149.99.

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