Arcade Button Watch Is Cute As A Button

There’s no shortage of geeky watch designs available out there, from math geek pocket watches to circuit board timepieces to endless numbers of Tokyoflash creations .   If you’d like something that reps your lifelong love for arcade button-mashing, we can’t imagine anything more appropriate than the Click Arcade Button Watch.

Sporting a dead simple but unmistakably geeky style, the timepiece sports nothing but a large button for a face.  Sized similar to the button controls on your Ion Audio iCade Box, it lets you mash buttons any time you feel the urge — on the train, at a conference, to gain a health boost while making love (just kidding, it won’t work), and more.

Staying faithful to its gaming roots, the Click Arcade Button Watch sports a glossy 45mm polycarbonate case with a large flush plastic button in the center.   Of course, it can tell the time just like any regular timepiece: just press the button once and a digital display of the time shows up right on the button surface.  There are no alarms, no chronographs and no built-in games, though — just 12/24-hour modes, date mode, a black silicon strap, and all the button-mashing your fidgety fingers can handle.  Now, if only someone can rig this to shoot lasers or plastic BB ammo every time the button is pushed, life will be complete!

The Click Arcade Button Watch is available from Watchismo in black, blue, green, gray, and red.  Price is $59.99.

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