Archon Wireless Charger Can Power Your Phone From Under The Desk


We’ve seen wireless chargers embedded in desks before, allowing you to charge your mobile gadgets by simply setting it down on the tabletop. It’s a sleek way to hide your charger, but you had to buy custom furniture that’s been fitted with special hardware. Archon wants to change that.

Billed as an “invisible wireless charger,” the device can attach to the underside of desks and tabletops where it can wirelessly charge any compatible gadget you set down on the actual table. That means, you can keep your wireless charger away from plain sight, allowing you to charge phones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets by simply setting them down right in line with where the charger is installed underneath.


We’re not actually sure how the Archon is supposed to be mounted on the table, but we’re guessing it uses adhesive backing since drilling into tables and using screws just seems like a bad idea. It can charge through every type of surface except metal, so you can install it in any tabletop made from wood, plastic, glass, quartz, or granite, ensuring it will be compatible with most furniture and fixtures you’re likely to have at home. And yes, it can perform that charging even while your phone stays wrapped up in its case. Two models are available: Archon 25mm and Archon 35mm, with the former able to charge through tabletops that measure 25mm thick (0.98 inches) and the latter able to do it for up to 35mm (1.4 inches).


It’s compatible with all devices that work with Qi wireless chargers, so it should work seamlessly with the current crop of wireless charging devices, complete with support for fast charging output up to 10W, so it shouldn’t add hours to your usual charging times. Even better, it performs the charging without any clutter on your desk, allowing you to keep your table clean and organized without ugly charging cables anywhere in sight.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Archon. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $59.

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