ArcX Puts A Joystick On Your Finger For Controlling Your Phone

Pulling out your phone to skip a track on a playlist, accept a call, or turn off an alarm is easy enough. Problem is, it totally breaks your flow when you have to do it in the middle of a strenuous workout. Same thing when you have to tap and swipe at the smartwatch on your wrist. Yeah, they’re just not the best ways to get things done. The ArcX offers a way to interact with your phone without causing any interruptions to your training.

Instead of having to pull out your phone to tap on whatever button needs tapping, the device allows you to simply move a small joystick with your thumb to do all that. Whether you’re stomping on pavement to finish your morning run, going hard on your bike to prepare for a triathlon, or hogging the squat rack all to yourself at the local gym, this thing lets you interact with your phone without having to pull it out.

The ArcX is, basically, a silicone ring with a small joystick on top. The idea is to wear it on the index finger of either hand to get full access to the joystick with your thumb, allowing you to press it or push it towards any direction, so you get to make a variety of inputs for interacting with your phone. The joystick, which is mounted in its own case, is removable, by the way, so it’s not confined to staying permanently on the ring. This makes it possible to switch from one ring to another (it comes with four), so you can find the right size to fit on your finger. Additionally, the outfit will be releasing a variety of mounts that can accommodate the joystick case (a strap mount is included), allowing you to mount it on handlebars, paddles, and other equipment, in case you need your index finger unobstructed during your training.

A companion app (iOS and Android) allows you to customize what phone functions different inputs on the joystick triggers, making it easy to tailor it exactly to your liking. The app also offers additional functionality that can be useful for your training, including a stopwatch, an SOS call function, and the ability to connect with other sports-based apps.

The ArcX‘s joystick is compatible with most types of gloves people are likely to wear during training, so you don’t have to change up your usual workout gear. It’s also waterproof according to IP67 standards, making it viable for wearing during watersports, as well as shockproof, so it can take any impact you encounter while engaging in intense physical activity. It’s also drop-tested up to six feet, so it can slip off your fingers without incurring damage. According to the outfit, the onboard battery can keep it running for up to five days of normal use, so you don’t have to charge to plug it in to charge every time you finish a workout, complete with a  20-day standby time, so it can keep its charge long enough to require infrequent charging. Charging to full power takes just an hour, too, so the upkeep should be pretty convenient enough.

The ArcX comes out in May, priced at $99.

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