Ardica Moshi Power System Heats Your Winter Jacket, Charges Your Gadgets


Three layers of thick clothing not enough to keep your warm during winter?  Not to worry.  Ardica has a  solution in the form of the Ardica Moshi Power System, a lightweight power pack that heats up your outer wear and charges your portable gadgets.

Designed to integrate right into your clothing, it keeps up to 25 watts of power and provides up to 100 degrees of heat, able to keep you warm for up to nine hours at a time.  Even better, you can use it to replenish the batteries on your handheld devices, packing up to eleven full charges for your cellphone and twenty for an iPod.


The Moshi Power System works like a military power pack, fitting a wad of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries into a flat and flexible case.  Seven 2.75-inch panels are linked together inside a foam sleeve (that bends at the joints), allowing you to carry a load of charge while managing to move freely.  It weighs a total of 11.3 ounces, which should prove light enough not to affect your mobility.

Each Moshi pack is slim enough to be carried around in a laptop bag as a backup charger.  It also comes with its own set of plastic connectors, which lets it hook easily to an Ardica-enabled jacket’s wiring (simply slip it in the back).  Suffice to say, it’s an immensely nifty accessory, providing a personal heating and charging source without adding much heft or bulk.

How much for this winter delight?  The Ardica Moshi Power System costs $145, with jacket adapters (so you can use it with your favorite outfits) costing an extra $50.

[Ardica via PopSci]