Argo 8×8 750HDi Will Run on All Terrains, Even In Open Waters

When the apocalypse descends upon us and I remain standing in its aftermath, I want the Critter Gritter 2 as my post-apocalypse vehicle of choice.  If I can’t get one of those, I’d gladly settle for the Argo 8×8 750HDi.

Screw your “all-terrain” 4 x4s and side-by-sides, this here is the real deal for getting through every roughshod terrain our future wasteland can heap upon us.  Whether through dilapidated roads, sticky mud, powdery snow or wide swaths of open water, this is the thing to carry you from one non-existent survivor’s outpost to another, while you slowly die inside.

The Argo 8×8 750HDi is an all-terrain amphibious vehicle that should perform in as brutish a fashion as it looks, running through obstacles other vehicles will fail at with ease.  Like a real beastly brute, it’s slow, too, with the 747cc fuel-injected engine pushing it to max speeds of just 23 mph on land and 2 mph on water.  Considering it’s a post-apocalypse world, though, what the heck will you be hurrying for?   So take your time riding this thing and enjoy the scent of rotting corpses by the roadside.

Load tops out at 1,150 pounds (roughly six passengers) for land travel  and 1,000 pounds for floating on the open seas like a really, really slow boat.  Features include triple-differential steering transmission, 25-inch tires, suspension seats, full skid plates and an LCD-based digital gauge cluster.

They offer different option in tops, which we’re guessing you’ll want for post-apocalyptic survival needs.  I mean, you never know what shoots out at you in the brave new wasteland we end up with.  The Argo 8×8 750HDi is available directly from Argo ATV, with prices starting at $19,500.