Arizona Arena Guitar Case Is As Sexy As Your Instrument

Great guitars deserve equally well-built cases.  If you’ve got the whole stylish Western outlaw style going for you, then the Arizona Arena guitar case seems like the perfect fit.

Made by Whipping Post Leather, the dapper resting home for your instrument looks more like a classy leather jacket than a carrying case.  And that’s a good thing.  You’re way past that age of lame canvas cases with campy stickers, after all — you deserve something that perfectly complements your worldly-wise ways.

The Arizona Arena is made from 100% full grain leather, with hand-sewn marine-grade threading to ensure durability through years spent on the road.  It’s lined with inch-thick high density foam padding, ensuring adequate protection for your six-string of choice.  Or machine gun, if you’re into El Mariachi and all that beautiful violence.

Outside the case sits a slew of handy pockets boasting strap closures with stainless steel hardware.   You can carry it via the attached handle or a detachable strap that can be configured for either backpack or shoulder use.

If you’re playing some dilapidated piece of crap you got at a yard sale for 50 bucks, the Arizona Arena guitar case probably isn’t for you.  At $825, that will make it many times more expensive than the instrument you’re protecting and that’s just wrong.  Not that it makes the case any less awesome, though, so don’t let that reason stop you.

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