ArKay Tastes Like Whiskey, Hits Like A Softdrink

Don’t really fancy getting wasted, but hankering for the taste of whiskey to roll down your tongue?  Try ArKay, a whiskey-flavored beverage that won’t even deliver the slightest hint of alcohol buzz.

Billed as “the world’s first alcohol-free whiskey,” the drink looks and tastes just like your favorite substance of  happy hour abuse.  Plus, you’re downing it straight from the bottle, so you should feel all hardcore and stuff, while the lame-asses lining up at the bar go drinking theirs with Red Bull and Coke and whatever.

ArKay uses artificial flavors and ingredients to simulate the flavor of the distilled alcoholic beverage without actually containing any intoxicating elements.  That makes it suitable for consumption any time of the day, allowing you to gargle with whiskey in the morning and use it to chug down mini-donuts in the middle of working hours. All without grabbing some strange girl while drooling and puking on your shoes at that.

According to ArKay Beverages, the drink should taste like legit whiskey even when taken on the rocks or mixed in with soda.  You know, so you can pretend to be drinking among peers even while keeping your wits about you the entire time (great for spies trying to squeeze out trade secrets from high-level targets).  If you’ve never drank whiskey before and wish to try it (without getting yourself in a bender), this could be a good substitute, too.

Since it’s supposed to look like real whiskey, the ArKay comes in one-liter bottles, just like your favorite spirits, although they also have a lame-looking canned version.  Price is $10 for a bottle and $4 for the 335ml can.

[ArKay via OddityCentral]