Armageddon Is Here And USB Compatible

cool_usb_hubOkay, frankly, we think we should be tortured and slowly killed for the title, but the USB Doomsday Device is super cool.  This is a USB hub with four ports that looks like something you might use to end the world by way of nuclear warfare.

This square device has two switches that must be activated in order for the end of the world explosion to happen, as well as a key that only authorized world enders should possess, and a final button, underneath plexi-glass shielding to prevent accidental pushing.  Flip up switch one and two, turn the key, and press the button under the plastic shield and…well…we’re not actually sure.  We were too scared to try it. Once the device is armed, a red light will light up on the console and the end of the world can occur.

The USB Doomsday Device is about 4×3 inches and has four USB 2.0 ports.  Get one for your desk , and the next time your boss tries to assign you work over the weekend, arm the device, flip up the plastic casing and say “Do you really want me to push it? Do you really?”  Your weekend work will quietly be assigned to someone else.