Armourgeddon Tank Paintball Lets You Drive Tanks, Shoot Paint Cannons

Playing wargames with your friends is fun. Doing it with an actual battle tank should prove even better. That’s exactly the experience promised by Armourgeddon Tank Paintball, which lets you engage in all-out armored warfare with a paintball-shooting combat tank.

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill Paintball Armored Vehicle (PAV) here. No bump cars or golf carts retrofitted with a tank-like body and outfitted with a cannon, either. Instead, they’re offering a real military tank, complete with armored body, enclosed hulls and caterpillar treads, for you to operate and take to war.

Based in Southfields Farm at Leicestershire, UK, organizers claim that Armourgeddon offers the first ever game of its kind. Not only will participants drive and operate real 17-ton FV432 tanks, the available packages incorporate numerous military vehicles too, like trucks and amphibious units. Each tank will come armed with a 40mm paintball cannon for blasting targets into a splattered mess.

The battles are held in a World War II style bombing range, so you can live out your favorite Call of Duty scenes to your heart’s content. First-timers get full tank and cannon training, which includes driving lessons and firing practice around the property. The basic package includes beginner instruction and a short tank versus tank game, which gives you control of a tank along with two other participants. Those coming back can arrange for individual packages, such as doing tank obstacle courses and just gutting it out with other participants from the get-go.

There are age, height and weight restrictions before you qualify to engage in Armourgeddon Tank Paintball, so check out the website to get the full deal. Prices vary depending on packages and the amount of ammunition you purchase.

[Armourgeddon via Red Ferret]