Arrow Smart Kart Is A 12MPH Kiddie Car With Active Safety Systems


It’s usually around age five when kids give up on their pedal cars and turn their attention to riding bicycles, instead. But what if your pre-teen still prefers getting in the driver’s seat of a four-wheeled vehicle? That’s when you get them this Arrow Smart Kart.

Made by Actev Motors, it’s an electric go-kart that brings enough power to ride bigger kids while integrating smart features to ensure your children’s safety on the road. For instance, it comes with front-facing ultrasonic sensors that trigger the Arrow to halt automatically as soon as it detects a potential collision with any object in its path, while an accompanying app allows parents to electronically-limit speed, set geo-fencing limits, track the toy’s location, and even halt its movement remotely.


Don’t worry, the Arrow Smart Kart isn’t designed to quench any serious need for speed, as the dual motors are limited to deliver a brisk but easily manageable 12 mph. To further allay any worries of accidents, it comes with a rigid steel chassis that should handle a whole lot of driving abuse, along with a battery that’s electronically monitored to ensure proper performance and safe operation. Basically, it’s not going to explode like the hoverboard you bought the kids last Christmas.


Designed for kids aged 5 to 9, it can support riders up to 130 pounds, with adjustable pedals that allow it to accommodate even kids who are a little tall for their age. Features include a detachable body kit, pneumatic rubber tires, a contoured seat, and indicator lights in the rear, similar to actual cars.

Now available for preorder, the Arrow Smart Kart is priced at $599.95.

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