Artifact Lunch Bag Lets You Brown Bag In Style

Packing your lunch is a smart way to save money.  Carrying around a brown paper sack or, worse, your son’s Superman lunch bag, however, will probably cramp your style.  The Artifact Lunch Bag offers a more image-friendly alternative.

Simple and elegant, the tote comes in the shape of a traditional brown bag complete with a roll-up top.  As such, it shouldn’t feel much different from your regular brown-bagging activities.  Other than the fact that you look cooler, of course.

The Artifact Lunch Bag measures 13.5 x 8.5 x 5 inches (h x l x w), making for ample room to store your typical packed lunch fare.  You’ll need to roll the top to fit the leather strap closure in, shaving 3 inches from the height for easier carrying.

Bag is made from rugged waxed canvas, with double nylon stitching on the seams to ensure durability during daily use.  Closure system is cut out of Horween leather, with solid copper rivets fastening them to the body.

Even if you don’t like packing lunch, the Artifact Lunch Bag should offer a very stylish way to carry a stash of stuff around.  Especially for dudes who find the usual options in smaller man bags a tad too unmanly for comfort.  It’s available now for $45.

[Artifact Bags via Uncrate]