Watch Your Crust Cook To A Crisp With The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Why confine yourself to a backyard barbecue when you can have pizza while lounging in the grass? We’re talking about the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, an old-world style crust-browning kitchen machine, designed for your outdoor countertop.

The second generation of the company’s outdoor pizza makers, it cooks the beloved comfort food with an exposed front view, letting everyone watch as the flames scorch your pie into a crisp. When was the last time grilling burgers and steaks looked this much fun?  I’ll bet never.

Clad in a double-walled stainless steel body measuring 30.125 x 30 x 19.5 inches, the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is both extremely durable and easy to clean. Cooking area is a 24 x 18 inch professional-grade composite deck, with stone lining on the roof for browning those piles of pepperoni, mushrooms and other toppings. It comes with two custom stainless steel gas burners that produce between 350-degrees and 800-degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to individually control the top and bottom sides for rolling out any style of pizza that you like.

How fast can it cook up dinner? Assuming you have the bread dough laid out and adequately topped, the oven can be ready for use in as little as 20 minutes of turning on, baking a thin-crust special in less than five minutes after that. Sure, that’s hardly as fast as calling Pizza Hut, but you can finally fashion your own authentic pizza with toppings those silly little restaurants won’t even dare touch. Like banana, mango and cheeseburger supreme.

Available beginning Spring 2010 (not sure of the exact date), the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven will retail for $6,495.