These Balance Hangers Offer A Decorative Way To Add Storage Hooks To Your Shelves


Adding hooks to a shelf is a great way to optimize the storage space, although doing so makes it just a little less easy on the eyes. Not the case with these Balance Hangers, which allow you to decorate a shelf while adding a hook where you can hang scarves, bags, and a whole load of other gear.

Made by Artori Design, it’s a set of decorative shelf displays cast in the silhouettes of cats and parrots. More than a display piece, though, one part of each animal extrudes downwards to serve as a functional hook, providing a simple but attractive way of hanging your stuff.


The Artori Design Balance Hanger comes in four models, each one using a different body part to serve as the hook: one cat uses its paw, another cat that uses its tail, one parrot uses its beak, and a second parrot that uses its feathery tail. Each one is made from metal, with enough strength to hold up to 11 pounds of weight, so it should handle jackets, helmets, and bags packed with reasonably light gear. Do note, the weight of the object hanging on the hook actually keeps the figure stable on a shelf, so you’ll have to lean it against the wall whenever the hook is not in use. The parrots are available in green, gray, blue, and red, with the cats finished in either black, gray, or white.


Available directly from Artori Design, the Balance Hanger is priced at $14.90.

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