Arzum Firrin Reinvents The Toaster With A Tunnel Design

The classic pop-up toaster is arguably one of the most efficient kitchen appliance designs.  That’s why it’s still the dominant toaster design we use today.  While the Arzum Firrin probably doesn’t beat it on all fronts, the unique tunnel-like slide-out form should give it some advantages as well.

Sporting a unique tunnel shape, the toaster features a slide-out tray sized to hold two pieces of bread.  To use, simply put your breads on the tray, push it into the tunnel, and pull it out after the bread browns to your liking.  Done.

The Arzum Firrin uses a 950W heating motor, with all the options you expect from a proper high-end toaster, including 7-segment temperature settings, a defrost button, a reheat button, auto-power off and roast settings.  It can accommodate different sizes and thickness of breads, so sliced loafs, croissants, bagels, muffins, and all that good bread should be good — just adjust the rails on the sliding tray to account for the size.

While the process doesn’t seem as simple as just dumping your bread slices on compartments the way they do on your Breville Radio Toaster, it does bring a couple of benefits.  For one, you only have to deal with crumbs on the tray, which you can easily remove for washing; also, you can take the bread out even before it’s done without having to burn your fingers (just pull the tray out).  And while a toaster with a pull-down door can do the same, the sliding mechanism allows it to be just a little more compact for more convenient placement in a crowded counter.

Want one?  The Arzum Firrin Toaster is available now, priced at £129.00.

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