Bring A Chilled Glass Of Wine On The Road With Asobu’s Chill Vino 2 Go


There are plenty of tools for carrying a bottle of vino on the go. But what about those times when all you want is to have a glass on standby? While pouring some of that Cabernet Sauvignon onto your Mighty Mug should do the trick, using this Asobu Chill Vino 2 Go will probably work a whole lot better.

Unlike other tumblers, this is a portable bottle that’s been designed for the express purpose of letting you travel with a chilled glass of wine. Since you can’t exactly chill wine by dropping ice on it (unless you enjoy watered-down fermented grape juice), the tumbler uses a novel design element that lets you keep the drink chilled another way.


How? The Asobu Chill Vino 2 Go actually has two chambers. A primary compartment for the actual vino that’s shaped like a wine glass and a second compartment that surrounds part of it at the bottom. After pouring the wine onto the main chamber, simply close it up and open the bottom of the tumbler, where you can then add cold water and small pieces of ice to keep the drink’s temperature down while you’re out and about. It can hold 10 ounces of wine on the main chamber, with triple-wall insulation that can lock in cold temperature for hours.


All those, of course, are features already found in Asobu’s previous Ice Vino 2 Go. This one, however, is the third-generation of the wine tumbler, which boasts a more durable construction that allows it to withstand freezing temperatures. As such, you can now fill the bottom compartment of the tumbler with water at home and leave it in the freezer (so you can have solid ice chilling your wine), without worrying about the plastic cracking. Do note, they recommend keeping it in the freezer for no more than two hours and having had experience with plastic tumblers breaking from extreme cold, it’s probably best you follow directions.

The Asobu Chill Vino 2 Go is available now, priced starting at $11.49.

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