Assassin’s Creed Costume With Real Bladed Weapons Turns You Into 12th Century Elite Killer


Why play Assassin’s Creed when you can buy the weapons for real?  Museum Replicas can’t endow you with any of the magical or stealth powers, but you can get Altair’s full costume and fancy blades right from their online store, allowing you to dress like a 12th century killer-for-hire.

They’re not toys either.  All the weapons – from the extension knife to the sword to the sheaths – are made by Atlanta Cutlery and they’re the real deal.  You can use them to behead zombies, slit a pig’s throat or put other people in danger like any weaponized blades.

Want Altair’s full get up?  No problem.  You can get the hood with a tunic ($109), the leather belt that doubles as a knife holster ($149), the boots ($240), the glove and vambraces ($19 and $80, respectively) and the decorative red sash ($39).  Four different sets of bladed weapons are available too, with the full-sized sword being the most expensive at $190.  Overall, if you want to look and arm yourself like a full-blooded elite Assassin from 1191 AD Jerusalem, all you need is to throw down a little over $1,000.  You can also dress up your hangers-on along, with the Crusader Priest, William of Montferrat, Robert de Sable and Lionheart costumes similarly stocked.

Of course, with Assassin’s Creed 2 on the pipe for a 2010 release, you may just want to wait for that.  Do remember it’s a whole other character, though (Ezio), who will probably have a different set of weapons and outfits.  Maybe your best friend can  buy that so your next LARPing session can be an elite 12th century assassin head to head.  And it’s a fight to the death (no kidding).  Good riddance.

[Museum Replicas via Kotaku]

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