Assemble Your Personal Army Of Robot Crabs


Want to conquer the world with an army of robot crabs?  Perhaps you can, if you bring enough of the KicCrab Walkers together.  Armed with six short-striding legs, packing no weapons and looking like they’ll crumble when stepped on, though, you’ll probably need a million of them to overpower your enemies.

Each KicCrab Walker is a full-featured robot, running with the KicChip processor.  As such, you can program them, either in BASIC or in an even simpler Flowchart language.  I doubt they’ll be able to do much beyond running and changing directions, however, but you’re welcome to exercise your logic-bending skills and try.  It comes with a USB interface, which allows you to both load program instructions as well as charge the LiPoly battery that comes with it.

Available as a kit, you’ll have to put together each KicCrab Walker from parts.  Each package includes the processor, three servomechanisms, all body parts, circuit board, LEDs (for the eyes), battery, electronic components and various fastening parts (rivets and screws).  You’re supposed to be able to use super glue for any other item that won’t come together.

Despite their simple minds and lack of any ability to pose a threat, the KicCrab Walkers should make cute minions for your plans of world domination.  They’re currently selling for $79.95 a box.

[1sorc via TheAwesomer]