Assisi LED Planter Is A Gardening Pot That Doubles As A Lamp

Yesterday, you decided you want to install additional lighting in your doorway.  This morning, you decided you don’t want to do any handyman work.  Tomorrow, this is the solution you will buy: the Assisi LED Planter.

Made by Konstsmide, it’s a plant pot that doubles as a doorway lamp.  You can use it pretty much like any planter growing your begonias, crotons and whatever other houseplants you like to keep around.  Because of the lighting components, though, it’s not fully weatherproof, so they recommend it for doorways and other sheltered areas rather than through open walking paths in the yard and similar spaces.

The Assisi LED Planter comes in two sizes, small (28 cm height and diameter) and large (40 x 37 cm).  Both are decked in a white exterior material, with 15 white LEDs installed on the base providing all the illumination you need.  Each one comes with a 6.5-foot long cable and a transformer for hooking up to a wall outlet.

We’re not sure how well this can play for use inside the house, but a pot for indoor plants that doubles as a floor lamp sounds like an excellent piece to set up in the living room.  Heck, you can probably get the small version to use as a desk lamp/desk plant for the bedroom or the study, too.

Now, if only the Click N Grow can come in a LED lamp version, it will truly be the best gardening solution ever.  The Assisi LED Planter is available now, priced at £32.50 for the small and £52.00 for the large.

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