Astronaut Duvet Turns You Into A Spaceman

Ceiling mirrors right over the bed are awesome.  Unless you sleep alone, that is, since the mirror practically serves as a constant reminder of your current failures in the relationship front (don’t worry, it gets better — signed, Oprah).  Want to make your forever alone nights more awesome?  Astronaut Duvet to the rescue!

How a simple quilt and pillow case combo can make lonely nights more awesome really boggles the mind.  With that said, I can’t imagine this pair not filling anyone’s life with joy, sparing you from indulging in the pity-party you’ve known all too well.  There’s an astronaut. In your bed.  And it’s you.  Weee.

Printed with a detailed photograph of an actual spacesuit, the beddings make it look like a helmeted astronaut is sleeping in your bed when you fix it up in the morning.  We’re not sure why that’s awesome, but it is.  It really is.  When the day is done and you’re ready to retire, just slip under the sheets and lay your head on the helmet, then look up to the ceiling mirror and take pride in your awesome spaceman existence.

It’s made from 100% soft cotton percale, with the image printed both top and bottom.  Measuring 240 cm long, it appears to be made for children, but we doubt that’s about to stop any of you from picking one up when you get the chance.

The Astronaut Duvet ships from the Netherlands, but can be ordered from anywhere in the world.   It’s available for preorder, with shipments slated to roll out on March 1st.

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