Asus Motherboard Boxes Can Also Be Used As A PC Case

I have always thought that all the cardboard boxes that our electronics, gadgets and appliances come in are such a waster.  In this day and age of going green, it’s not surprising that manufacturers are trying to get creative in ways you can reuse that packaging.  Asus’ new motherboard packaging, which you can reuse as a cardboard PC case, is one such clever idea.

While cardboard isn’t the most ideal material for a computer case, this actually sounds like a serviceable temporary solution.  It can come especially handy while you’re saving up for a wild computer case that’s just not within the  budget yet or if you have a specific case in mind that’s just not available (you know, one with Barbies and Smurfs or something).

For now, Asus will be using the packaging for one specific Mini-ATX motherboard set for release in June (no model or specs specified).  The box itself has been designed specifically for use as a case, complete with all the necessary punch-out holes for ventilation and a metal panel for the different connectors in the rear.

According to the company, the cases should be good for at least a year of use.  We’re not sure how they came up with that number, but with humidity and heat likely to be a factor for the cardboard material, it’s probably a good reminder that this is intended for temporary use, rather than a permanent thing for your desktop.  Personally, I’d probably keep it around for a backup PC, in case the need comes up.  If nothing else, it could work as a nice art project for the kids to decorate (or the dogs to chew on, whichever ones you actually live with).

[Watch the video at ITworld]