Wear The AthleTitti To Turn Yourself Into A Human Jungle Gym


You’ll still do anything for your children, but you drew the line at Daddle Saddle, refusing to be transformed into the kids’ ride-on pony. How about turning yourself into a Jungle Gym instead? If you find that a much more acceptable proposition, then this AthleTitti is exactly the toy to make it happen.

Designed by Atsushi Shiraishi, a senior at Tokyo’s Tama Art University, it’s a vest that, once slipped on, turns you into a human jungle gym, with multiple ropes that kids can use to climb, stand, and hang all over your body. That way, you don’t need to drive all the way to the park to let your kids get some physical play, they can do it while you watch TV, do the laundry, or work on your standing desk.


Since kids will be doing their climbing right around you, the AthleTitti allows you to keep a close eye on their rowdy play, ensuring you’ll have a good chance of catching them anytime they fall. You can also help pull them or push them when performing more difficult tricks, turning the kids’ play time into a parent-child bonding moment. The name, by the way, is a portmanteau of athletic and chichi (which, the designer respelled as titti), the latter of which is the Japanese word for father.

It uses leather as the base material for the vest, with the ropes wound around it. The rope’s various points of intersection are reinforced with leather, too, ensuring they’ll hold firm and steady even with your children putting all their weight on it. Dimensions are 700 × 400 × 50 mm (h x w x d).

Check out Shiraishi’s website for more details and pictures.

Check It Out via Spoon & Tamago