Atlas Fitness Tracker Can Monitor Absolutely Any Exercise You Perform

Fitness trackers can be a very useful tool. Except all they really do for the most part is track cadence, then parlay that into all sorts of useful information. Basically they’re only good for running, biking and occasionally, swimming. The Atlas Fitness Tracker changes that, tracking a whole bunch of exercises well beyond what traditional fitness monitors can handle.

Aside from running, biking, and swimming (yes, it’s waterproof), it can track your exercises in the gym, forays into action sports and other physical activities, allowing you to get a more complete picture of your personal fitness. That’s right — everything from bench presses to skateboarding to smashing tires with sledgehammers will finally be tracked. Even better, the system can isolate and track new exercises, so you can still get your readings even when doing that weird compound exercise you saw some buff dude doing on YouTube. Sorry, specialty activity trackers — you’re not needed anymore.

The Atlas Fitness Tracker uses inertial sensors to identify your movements in a 3D trajectory, allowing it to create a specific motion fingerprint for practically any physical action. That means, you’ll get a clear reading for how each exercise will affect you, which should help when planning future workouts. It doesn’t stop there, either — the device can monitor heart rate (including how quickly you recover), how rest affects each exercise, and a whole load of new metrics (exercise form, thrust, explosiveness, and more). Basically, it lets you dive way deeper into your physical activities, in a way that’s probably more sophisticated than you’ll get even when hitting the weights with a personal trainer.

The actual device consists of a silicone band and a detachable rectangular OLED screen where your stats are displayed in real time. It comes with an onboard 120 mAh battery that’s good for up to seven workouts on a full charge. Like other fitness trackers, it comes with an accompanying mobile app where you can review your stats.

As of now, the Atlas Fitness Tracker is a successfully-funded Indiegogo project. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $159.

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