Atlas Throttle Lock May Be The Best Cruise Control Add-On For Your Motorcycle


It’s not the first tool we’ve seen that you can use to put a motorcycle in cruise control, allowing it to keep running at a decent pace while freeing your hand from putting pressure on the throttle. The Atlas Throttle Lock, however, is the first one we’ve seen that doesn’t need to be mounted on any part of the grip, ensuring it can install without getting in the way of normal riding.

Designed to mount on the throttle tube right next to the grip, the device installs completely out of the way, all while being easy enough to reach with your thumb. It sets up in a way that, pretty much, blends in with the motorcycle, too, so it won’t stick out as far as aesthetics are concerned.


To put the motorcycle in cruise control, simply engage the Atlas Throttle Lock by pressing the button in an upward motion, after which you can safely let go of the throttle while keeping the bike running. You can disengage cruise control at any time by pressing down on the same button from the top, although you can also override it by simply rotating the throttle even while it’s engaged (you can both speed up or slow down). Slim dimensions that measure a mere quarter-inch thick ensures it can work with any motorcycle, while a design that rotates along with the throttle ensures the button is always within easy reach of your thumb.


Available now, the Atlas Throttle Lock is priced at $135.

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