Versatile Attachment Shovel Turns Into A Gardening Hoe, Axe, Ice Pick, And More


Most multi-tools for outdoor adventurers are good enough to do light stuff around camp.   Take on any serious job, though, and you’ll find yourself ignoring the multi-tool in favor of something else. Not quite the case with the Attachment Shovel, a multi-tool that’s duly equipped to take on heavier tasks.

A versatile shovel, it lets you do more than scoop dirt, dig holes, and move stones, adding a litany of functions that make it useful for a whole load of things around camp. Need to cut wood? It can do the job. How about a knife for cleaning a fish you caught? Yes, this thing does it, too. Heck, it can even charge your phone when you need to turn on the GPS to check where the heck you are.


The Attachment Shovel measures 40 inches long, with a shaft that can break apart into multiple hand tools, namely a knife, an ice pick, and a four-mode rechargeable flashlight, all of them full-sized. The battery on that flashlight, by the way, can be used to charge other USB devices, so if you’d rather rely on your Tiny Monster during camp, it won’t be sitting idle. One of the modules from the shaft can also be attached to multiple modules for a variety of uses, including driver bits, a fire starter flint, and more.  The shovel’s head is made from a high-strength carbon-steel alloy with a saw edge that lets it cut wood and a chopping blade on the other side. Heck, it can even pivot for use as a hoe (no, not that kind of hoe – you watch too many rap videos). Set includes a carrying case for keeping the whole thing in a nice, compact bundle.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Attachment Shovel. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $150.

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