Attack Of The Mobile Strippers

There’s an invasion in Manhattan.  At least, according to reports from midtown locals who found their streets under attack by stripper bikes (or stripcycles or whatever it’s actually called).

Yes, numerous bicycles hauling a cart with a stripper pole have been seen parading around the city.  What were they doing?  Like a mobile strip club of sorts, a guy was pushing the pedals while a scantily-clad woman worked the pole, dancing like it was Happy Hour on a Friday night.  Cheers!

Street-busking strippers?  Well, not really.  They were actually promoting Pole Superstar: The Ultimate Pole Dance Competition, a contest scheduled to be held in New York City this October 1st.  Very classy promotion, guys, very classy.

The bikes hauled a complete mini-stage behind them that looked way better than many of the in-home stripper kits you can get online.  Each came complete with two strobe lights, rails (yep, like a real strip club), a spinning pole, siren lights and a sexy dancer who wasn’t clad in a bikini.  Booo!

As much as I wanted to enjoy the pictures, though, pole dancing really just isn’t half as erotic in broad daylight.  It’s even less so in the middle of the street, right in the thick of passing traffic.  Great way to grab attention for the show, though.

Those interested in watching what the build-up is for can catch Pole Superstar: The Ultimate Pole Dance Competition first day of next month, at the Highline Ballroom.  You can check the official site below for more details.

[Pole Superstar, photos via The Awl]