Attention-Grabber: 2010 Puma Bikes

Like your bicycles with a little added flair?  Try busting your crotch on the 2010 Puma Bikes, a stylish line of two-wheeled pedal-pushers for city travel.

While emblazoned by the sports company’s brand, the bikes are actually built by Danish makers Biomega, who are best known for engaging international designers outside of the industry to help fashion their rides.  With a range spanning models that combine different aspects of BMXs, cruisers, folding bikes and fixies, it represents one of the most stylish-looking bicycle lines currently available.

Available in various colors and configurations, the 2010 Puma Bikes let you choose from around 120 different variations.    They consist of five basic styles:

Disko. Intended to simplify the commuting process, it features a locking mechanism that’s integrated right into the frame and a semi-folding capability for easy entry into public transportation.

Funk. Designed for heavy city use, it combines the design of both a city bike and a track bike, marked by an extra-chunky frame and the ability to switch from free to fixed gear.

Nevis Man and Nevis Lady. Mixing the design of city bikes with American cruisers, the two models are meant to hold the body in a laid-back position.  The Man version comes with a chunky body, with the Lady version sporting a lowered frame.  Both versions integrate a carrier right on the handlebar.

Pico. Combining an upright riding position with a BMX-style aluminum frame, it is a compact bike that’s made even easier to tote around by a semi-folding mechanism.  It has a bag carrier integrated right in the handlebar, making it an ideal bicycle for a quick trip to the grocery.

The 2010 Puma Bikes are available online, although shipping is limited to European and US markets.

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