Attitude Chair Lets You Sit As Cocky As You Want Without Falling Over

Got attitude?  Sit like you mean it with the Attitude Chair, which lets you lean back like the cockiest douchebag in town.

You know what happens when you try to lean back with an ordinary chair, right?  You fall down, like the same klutz your mommy always said you were (boo-hoo-hoo).  Now, how are you supposed to feel like the king of the world while pawning AI opponents on your PSP?

The Attitude Chair solves this problem easily, as it automatically prevents the chair from falling once you tip it back.  Armed with two extra feet that support the whole chair when you try to use it as a recliner, you can comfortably sit at ridiculous angles without fear of falling over.

Measuring 32 x 16 x 18 inches, the single-seating chair is made from wood and medium-density fiberboard.  The sample design has the chair finished in one color, with the additional support clad in another, so that you’ll look like you’re balancing the entire thing with sheer awesomeness from afar.

Whether you’re playing poker and want to feign the greatest hand ever or just want to feel gangsta while hanging out in the front yard, you can’t look any cockier than leaning back on a regular chair without a care in the world.  The Attitude Chair is available made-to-order from Voos Furniture for $500.

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