Autofetch Motion Pet Ball Will Entice Your Dog With Treats, Refuse To Give It Up


To us, the Autofetch Motion Pet Ball sounds like a great way to give your mutt some exercise without having to do any work yourself.  To your dog, however, it might as well be called the “Torture Ball,” teasing him with food but never giving any up.

Instead of having you throw it at a distance for your dog to retrieve, the ball makes your mutt go after it all on its own.  Simply put a few pieces of doggy treat instead the slot, shake it to activate the gyroscope and set it on the ground.  Every time your pet tries to get at the food inside, the ball will begin rolling, getting your dog to chase it in a non-stop cycle of endless teasing until food accidentally falls out.

The plastic Autofetch Motion Pet Ball measures 5.2 inches in diameter and is fitted with internal gyroscopes that make it roll around in random directions once nudged.  The gyro-drive turns off after 60 seconds of no action, so if your pet is the patient, thinking kind (like a dog version of “paralysis from analysis”), it probably won’t work.  It comes in a cant-miss-it orange color and uses two AA batteries.

According to the website,  “it can be used with any pet, child or adult human.”  Ponder on that the next time you’re looking for a way to distract your wife.  It just might work.

Wholesale site Chinavasion has the Autofetch Motion Pet Ball available for $13.50 apiece, with a minimum order of two.  One for your dog and one for you, in case you need the exercise too.

[Chinavasion via Red Ferret]