Autoloader Screwdriver Pumps Out Six Different Tips On Automatic


I hate screwdrivers.  Every time you need a small flathead tip, all you can find is the large Phillips one.  It’s like the unfortunate rule of home DIY: the exact tool that you’ve got in mind, you’re never going to find.

KR Tools’ Autoloading Screwdriver puts an end to all of that, allowing you to carry six functional magnetic-tip screwdrivers in one.  Rather than just another modular tool with interchangeable bits, however, this particular model has all the different bits integrated right into the handle, easily accessible with easy pump action.

Any time you need to work with a new screw, simply rotate the magazine to select the desired tip and load it by sliding the cover back.  That way, the right tool for the job is just a twist away.  It comes packaged in sets of two, precision (small drivers) and classic (regular size), each with the same six-driver combination.

Just like most handyman tools with replaceable tips, the Autoloader Screwdriver should be best used for household chores.  If you’re an industrial worker who keeps losing drivers like clumsy DIY boys like us, you might as well quit while you still haven’t messed up in a major way, okay?  Amazon has the pair on sale for only $29.99.

[Amazon via Red Ferret]