This Bowl Stirs Your Food Automatically While Its Being Microwaved

In the world of cooking, microwaves are the equivalent of brute force.  It’s not cooking, it’s nuking.  And we usually reserve microwaving when we don’t care much about finesse — we’re just hungry and we want something hot in under a minute.  The Prepology Microwave Food Warmer adds a little sophistication to your microwaving duties, adding a stirring mechanism that allows for even heating of soups, sauces and similar fare.

Even better, there’s no need for batteries to get the stirring action going.  Instead, it’s designed to work with microwaves that have a spinning turntable, piggybacking on that movement to power its own stirring mechanism.  Clever.

Using a pair of extendable arms that stretch to grab a hold of the microwave walls, the  Prepology Microwave Food Warmer locks the lid in place, forcing the container area to rotate along with the turntable.  A built-in silicone paddle under the lid performs the stirring, forcing your erstwhile static grub to be turned over and over while being nuked inside the microwave.

The round-shaped container measures 3.25 x 9 inches (h x d) and should fit about three and a half cups of whatever you want to stir while microwaving.  Do note: you can’t fill this thing to the brim — lest you want all that sauce splattering inside your appliance while it gets paddled.

Is it necessary?  Probably not, since we doubt microwave-aficionados care that much beyond getting hot grub.  Still, it does make your microwave a bit more versatile.  The Prepology Microwave Food Warmer is available now, priced at $19.97.

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