Auton Dream Machine Hides Your TV Under The Bed

Auton has managed to make a living crafting clever TV mounts, lifts and automatic concealing contraptions of all sorts. Their latest product, the Auton Dream Machine, extends where you can stealthily hide the TV at the touch of a button: right under the bed.

Joining the manufacturer’s fancy line of swiveling wall segments, closet displays and ceiling-mounted descending rigs, the new device slides the TV under your bed and swivels it up when you’re ready to watch. It fits under most bed frames, requiring no assembly whatsoever.

The Auton Dream Machine is a lightweight TV mount that uses large polyurethane wheels to facilitate motions from the one position to another. Measuring 31 x 9 x 71 inches, it can handle all sizes of televisions, with a maximum weight limit of 120lbs (you can’t go over because it literally lifts the TV – bicep curl style – from under the bed to a viewing position by your feet). It comes with its own remote and can be made to change positions in a single push of the button.

If you want to keep a TV in a small bedroom but doesn’t want it getting in the way, this is probably one of the coolest setups ever made. Meant for self-installation, it’s more convenient than the typical lifting solutions too.

Of course, it only makes sense to get one if you’re fine with a TV lift that’s more expensive than your TV. That’s right, the Auton Dream Machine retails for a whopping price, starting at $13,999. Yikes.