Autopia Europia, A Car Dealership With A Rooftop Racetrack

If you’re going to build the world’s largest car dealership, you may as well keep the customer inside the lot throughout the whole buying process. Yes, even while having a customer test drive a racing behemoth. The Autopia Europia did just that, putting a huge racetrack on their rooftop to let customers take the cars they’re eying for a lap.

It’s true, you can drive cars on the roof of the facility. But the awesome doesn’t even stop there. All areas of the five-story building are accessible by car, so you can literally jump onto a car in the showroom, drive to the roof for a couple of laps, drive to the office to negotiate, drive to the insurance company and drive to an indoor bar to celebrate your purchase.

The Autopia Europia is more like a car mall than a dealership, and it’s not an exaggeration. Inside, you get access to 200 individual showrooms, 48 service stations, 42 insurance companies, 24 banks and 50 watering holes (restaurants, caf├ęs and bars), making it a one-stop-shop for anyone dropping cash on a new ride. It covers a lot area of 708,661 square feet, with a parking facility for up to 900 cars. Over 400 brands of automobiles will be sold inside, totaling to around 2,426 different models.

Currently under construction in Istanbul, Turkey, the dealership could potentially be more fascinating than any vehicle you’ll find inside. In fact, they’re expecting visitors to the tune of six million a year, which actually makes the rooftop-mounted track an excellent idea. Those six million people are going to make so much traffic in the surrounding roads.

[Gadar Architecture via Jalopnik]