Autorewind, A Cable Reel That Retracts Its Own Cord

Do you hate the chore of winding up the cord on your power strips and cables?  Put an end to manual cable organization with the Autorewind Cable Reel, an extension cable that cleans its own mess.

Created by Designcord, the power extension sells itself using a single, useful trick: it can retract its own cable when no longer in use.  A single press of a button triggers the winding action, with the rounded power strip swallowing its long cord away from sight.

The Autorewind comes in 5- and 10-meter versions, with each model sporting four sockets that you can use to plug in your electronics.  Do note that the entire winding mechanism happens inside – none of the outer components move, so you can keep your devices plugged in without worrying about tangled cords.

Each one is equipped with a circuit-breaker for overheating protection, along with a reset switch.  The “rewind” button is large and accessible enough to be pushed by hand or by foot, making it even more convenient to use.  I’m pretty sure you can punch that button using telekinesis too, just in case you’re into making things move with your mind.

Only Euro plugs are available for the 10-meter Autorewind Cable Reels, although US versions are definitely on the way.  The website has 5-meter ones with US plugs listed.  No pricing yet for either versions, however.