Stay Safe On The Road With The AutoXscape Emergency Car Tool


You never want to get in a situation where you’re trapped in the car after an accident. Still, bad things happen and you’ll want to be prepared to deal with a bad situation when it does. The AutoXscape ensures you’ve got yourself a way out during such a predicament.

A car emergency tool, it bundles a trio of functions that will come in handy during accidents and similar jams, ensuring you won’t end up trapped inside the car. Just mount it to the side of the door or along the steering wheel to make sure you can easily reach it no matter what position you end up in.


For breaking windows, theAutoXscape has a blunt-force steel ball on one end, which you can use to shatter any tempered glass surface with just a small amount of force. On the opposite end sits a LED flashlight that puts out 135 lumens of brightness for those times you need to get a quick survey of the surroundings. Remove the flashlight cap to reveal a sharp seatbelt cutter, whose SK2 high-carbon steel construction ensures it can rip through any seatbelt with minimal resistance. There’s a second glass breaker cut in tungsten steel on the tip of the seatbelt cutter, by the way, so you can free yourself from the harness and smash that front window with just a couple of swift motions.


Available now, the AutoXscape is priced at $59.99.

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