Autum Epitaph Bike Has Four Wheels

More wheels, more money.  At least, that’s what we gather, based on the luxury pricing of the Autum Epitaph Cruiser, a four-wheeled bicycle.

I hear you — if it’s got four wheels, how can it be a bicycle?  Well, they slapped each wheel to another one, so a pair of wheels work just like one.  We’re not sure what that’s supposed to do to performance, but it definitely makes the ride all the more interesting.  I mean, I’ll probably do a double take when I see this on the street.

The Autum Epitaph Cruiser wears the clean, fixed-gear look that all the urban riders are into  — only with more opulence than you’re probably used to.  It features a powder-coated steel frame,  an oversized double-crown fork (sized to fit the twin-mounted wheels), custom-crafted alloy rims,  a single rear coaster brake, and polycarbonate carbon pedals.  The grips and seat are decked in hand-crafted aged leather (the type you’d probably find in vintage automobiles), with an additional aged leather accent mounted in the frame.

Most people have taken to fixies to ditch seemingly ever-rising gas prices.  Those people aren’t the audience for the Autum Epitaph Cruiser.   Only 12 of the bikes will be made, priced at an exclusive $2,950 each.

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