AvoSeedo Simplifies Growing Avocados In Less Than Ideal Climate


While it’s not impossible to grow avocados outside of subtropic regions, it requires a bit more work, requiring closer supervision at the beginning than in places where it grows as a native plant. Leave the seed too dry at any time and there’s a good chance the germination will stop permanently. The AvoSeedo hopes to change that.

Billed as “the easiest way to raise your avocados,” it’s a plastic bowl designed to facilitate in the germination process. Rather than require regular supervision during the germination stage, it allows you to leave the seed unattended, all while ensuring it has sufficient water the entire time you’re away.


The AvoSeedo is a small plastic container with an indentation (for holding the avocado seed with the flat side down) that has a large, blossom-shaped hole inside it. You place the container on top of a sufficiently large pot (or bucket) of water and leave it there, where it will remain floating on the surface. Since the flat end of the seed is in contact with water the entire time (thanks to the hole at the bottom of the AvoSeedo), it will never dry out, with the roots growing and expanding freely into the water. A mounting hole on the plastic container will even allow you to plant a small flag (like a toothpick with a piece of paper glued onto it), where you can inscribe the date it started germination, so you can easily keep track when growing multiple avocado seeds.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the AvoSeedo. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at just $10 (CAD).

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