This Amphibious ATV Can Ride Eight Passengers And Drive Over Any Terrain


Remember the Mercedes Benz 6×6? It’s a great truck to ride when you’re expecting seriously rugged trails. What if you expect an attack from mountain bandits, supervillain henchmen, or Predators along with that bumpy ride? Maybe take the Avtoros Shaman to that adventure instead.

Granted, we have no idea how well it will stand to submachine gun attacks and alien weaponry. At least, though, its tank-like body looks way more badass than a conventional truck, so less-sophisticated attackers may find themselves more hesitant at launching any kind of attack your way.


The Avtoros Shaman is a 21-foot long 8×8 ATV that has a central driver position, so you can focus on clearing the treacherous landscapes on hand, with enough room inside to accommodate up to eight seats. Six of those seats can be removed and replaced with a pair of benches instead, all while still having plenty of room to stash all of your cargo. Powered by a 146 horsepower diesel engine, the vehicle can drive at speeds of 43 mph on land and 4.3 mph on water when equipped with an optional propeller.


To help you maneuver around tricky terrains, the car comes with independent all-wheel suspension, 1.5 feet of road clearance, and a 25-foot turning radius, while low-pressure tires ensure it can slog through marshes, rivers, and shallow lakes with ease. Features include a six-speed manual transmission, built-in water pumps that remove water from the frame when submerged, and a maximum ramp slope of 45 degrees.


Available with nearly unlimited customizations, pricing for the Avtoros Shaman starts at $200,000.

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