Use Awa Taccino To Add 3D Foam Sculptures On Top Of Your Coffee Drinks

In Japan, barista-made 3D foam sculptures on top of caffeinated beverages has, apparently, taken the country’s coffee shops by storm.  You know how trends will reach a certain level where people want to start making the same things at home?  Well, that time for 3D foam sculptures is now and the Awa Taccino is the device that lets folks fashion those same creations inside their own kitchens.

Made by Takara Tomy, it turns any milk your pour inside into super frothy milk that you can then use to build 3D foam sculptures on top of your hot and cold drinks.  It features a gun-style dispenser that provides excellent control over the amount of froth that lands on your target, allowing folks to build 3D shapes that would otherwise be difficult using less-specialized milk-frothers.

To use, just pour some milk inside the Awa Taccino (they recommend non-fat for cold drinks and soy milk for hot drinks) and turn the control knob to activate the frothing mechanism, which will run for just one minute.  Once the milk is covered in foam, you can then commence dispensing it onto your hot cup of black instant coffee or glass of icy frappe, sculpting creative shapes that float on top of the drink.  From there, you just add chocolate syrup (or some other kind of syrup, if you want a different color) to draw faces, limbs, and other details to complete the creation.

Awa Taccino can hold up to 14 fl. oz. of milk at a time, which should be good enough for up to two foam sculpting sessions.  It uses two AA batteries for power.

Now listed for preorder on Japan Trend Shop with a December 5 ship date, the Awa Taccino is priced at $58.


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