Axe Pizza Cutter: Hack Your Pies Like A Lumberjack

My wife once asked me about guys’ fascination with axes and swords.  I told her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, guys aren’t into axes and swords THAT much.”  I then proceeded to pick up my Unbreakable Hatchet, my colorful Hickory Axe, and my Lion Dog Broadsword, and hid them away in the closet.   With that story out of the way, I’m probably going to have to get me one of these DCI Ax Pizza Cutters.

Not because I’m into axes and swords that much, but I like pizza.  And I like cutting pizza.  And I might as well do it with an axe because, you know, laser-guided pizza cutters are just plain too nerdy for me, alright?

Now, you can cut your pizza with an actual axe head and that will probably be oodles of fun.  But, darn it, we all know you’re going to be interrogated about your axe obsession by the wife, the girlfriend, and the mom (whichever of the three applies) when they see that.  Might as well not give them the satisfaction.  With the DCI Ax Pizza Cutter, they’ll only get a little satisfaction, not as much as they would have if you were hacking at that thing like it was a piece of timber you’re chopping up for feeding to the fireplace.

It comes with a stainless steel blade for ripping through thick crusts, although the axe head is, sadly, just plastic and nonfunctional.  The handle is cut in wood, though, so there’s some semblance of a genuine lumberjack tool in there to satiate your geeky obsession with axes and swords.

The DCI Ax Pizza Cutter is should be available soon priced at around $12.

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