Axe Back Sling: Utility Wear For Your Bladed Wood Chopper

When you need to hide a gun, you carry it on a holster under your suit.  If you prefer chopping your enemies’ heads off instead of blowing their brains out,  you hide an axe behind your back with this: the Best Made Axe Back Sling.

Sure, you’re barely keeping it hidden from someone looking from behind.  But if you put a thick jacket over it, we doubt anyone’s going to notice. Short of putting a cloak of invisibility over the chopping implement, this is probably as discreet as you can hope to get.

The Axe Back Sling is made from 8-10oz vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, with solid brass hardware details and enough flair to make the amateur lumberjack inside you blush.   Designed to hoist around your shoulders like a backpack, it keeps both the head and handle flat on your body, keeping it out of the way for maximum comfort.

Hand-crafted by Rilleau Leather of Vermont, the sling is made exclusively for the Best Made Camp Axes collection.   Yep, those sexy Hudson Bay style axes that come with colorful handles and sized just right for campfire use.  Together, the pairing should look as stylish as they are functional.  Think about it: you could be the swankiest-looking axe murderer in town.

You can get an Axe Back Sling directly from the Best Made website for $165.  Of course, you’ll need to pair it with a Best Made Camp Axe too or a similarly-sized alternative.

[Best Made via Acquire]