Axe Baseball Bat Handle Redesign Leads To More Power, Less Injuries

Combining an axe and a baseball bat for the heck of it isn’t that far out.  For one, they’re both hand tools that you swing to hit objects with.  The Axe Bat, however, combines the two for a more practical reason: giving the baseball bat an axe handle actually makes it more efficient to use.

At least, that’s the claim behind the new bat design, which its creators posit, can deliver more power, enhance grip stability, and create additional rotational speed, all while being more comfortable and less likely to lead to injuries.  Whether you’re practicing at the batting cages, playing a local amateur game, or in the pros, all of those sound like things you’d probably want on your side.

Described as “the future of baseball and softball,” the Axe Bat’s handle is shaped such that the hitter’s bottom hand grips it away from the palm, with the pinky finger wrapped around the axe-style knob and the bottom part of the knob sat flush against the base of the palm.   This change in grip is not only more stable, it also creates less tension in the hand by preventing over-gripping.  The back side of the handle is also flat, so there’s no protrusion that can end up doing damage to the hamate bone on your palm, all while allowing the hitter to stay on the same swing plane.

Invented by Bruce Leiner back in 1990, the Axe Bat didn’t get licensed for manufacturing until 2009, when Washington-based Baden Sports decided to produce it as an actual product.   There’s no certainty whether it grows in popularity going forward, although playing baseball like a lumberjack chops down trees definitely sounds like a fun, new twist.  How about an axe-handled golf club next time?

The Axe Bat, which is MLB-approved, is available in fastpitch, slowpitch, and baseball models.  Price is $299.99.

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