Axe Kevlar Shirt Adds A Layer Of Safety During Your Motorcycle Excursions In Summer

Warm weather is a great time to take out the motorcycle. Unless you enjoy the feeling of being in a sauna the whole day, however, it is a horrible time to ride around town while wearing your Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit. How do you keep yourself adequately protected while zipping through traffic on a two-wheeled crotch rocket? Maybe the Ace Kevlar Shirt can help.

Made by Crave, it’s styled to look like a normal work shirt — the kind you wear to the office every day of the week. Behind the unassuming facade, though, lies a garment that’s designed to give you some of the protection you’d have enjoyed with a full motorcycle suit on.

Like standard motorcycle clothing, the Axe Kevlar Shirt uses layers of Aramid Kevlar strategically located in the back and arms for protection, sandwiching it between the shirt’s wool fabric outer shell and lining. It goes a little further, though, adding pockets in the back, arms, shoulders, and elbows for inserting additional protection pads. Sure, it won’t absorb the brunt of being dragged across the pavement the way a motorcycle suit would, but it sure can leave you with much less scrapes than if you crashed with nothing but a regular shirt on. Features include a smartphone-sized pocket on the sleeve, a zippered wrist pocket, one zippered inner pocket, and two small breast pockets. Oh yeah, there are zippers on the armpit that you can open for extra ventilation, in case you’d rather not have a darn lake dripping under your arms.

The Axe Kevlar Shirt is available from Crave, priced at €209.

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