Baby Grand Master: When A Regular DJ Setup Just Isn’t Cool Enough


Three LCDs, four subwoofers, three tweeters, a large mixer board, an amplifier with 1100W and a rotating turntable aren’t all that rare a setup for many DJs.  Scoop the guts off a Baby Grand Piano, however, then cram the DJ rig inside and you’ll turn up something totally unique.  That’s exactly what Garder Post did with the Baby Grand Master and the result is kick-ass marvelous!

It’s essentially a DJ setup housed in a classic three-legged frame, with an ultra-reflective white finish.  The area where the piano keys were supposed to be holds the controls and display, complete with loading slots right under it.  Sat upturned inside the body, replacing the strings, are the woofers and tweeters, pumping tunes the same way it would back when it was a real piano – except the sound right now will probably be ear-splitting.

Complete video set-up includes two Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD players, an Edirol video mixer, 3 small Marshall LCDs and a full slot-loading assembly.   Audio system packs four subwoofers (12-incher, 18-incher and two 15-inchers), three Bullet tweeters, an Allen and Heath Xone 92 mixer and the big-ass amplifier.  The whole thing runs via a Moog slip ring assembly, complete with an 8-inch rotating turntable.

Garder Post claims that the assembly is ultra-responsive and highly-intuitive.  It’s certainly eye-catching, no matter how many times you look a it.  While the setup’s been available for the good part of two years, supposedly “limited-edition” Baby Grand Masters are still available, both in stock and customized versions.  Available personalization choices include hydraulic legs and lid (watch it jump up and down), neon lighting, running lights, custom-color lacquer finish, fog machine and lasers.  Those who find the Baby Grand Master too small can also ask for a bigger Concert Grand Master, built out of a full concert piano.


[Baby Grand Master via Addictive DJ Designs]